Wednesday, May 27, 2009

15 Month Stats and More

Let's start out with Korbens stats from his doctor appointment today:

Height: 32 1/4 in. (80th %)
Weight: 24 lb 13 oz (55th %)
Head: 49 1/4 cm (90th %)

He's still tall and skinny with a large noggin! He also had his Hep A shot today. Josh is always the one to hold him down while he gets stuck because I'm weak and can't handle seeing my baby in pain... so I went and crouched in my little corner to watch from afar... all for nothing because today, there was not a single tear shed from Korbens little eyes! He didn't act like the shot bothered him at all! He was such a trooper!

On the downside of things, Korben has yet ANOTHER yeast infection. :( A couple weeks ago, he had one and it turned into staph but Kristen and Becky (aka Dr. Burchfiel... a friend of mine who happens to be MY doctor and lives right down the street) came to the rescue for me. Kristen loaned me a ton of cloth diapers and gave me some great advice and Becky was the one who actually diagnosed Korben and gave him the prescription for his antibiotics (it was on a Saturday when K's pediatricians office was closed that his rash had spread to his chest and legs and I decided it couldn't wait until Monday).... so thank you, thank you, thank you to both of you for being so awesome! You are such great friends and I appreciate you more than you know! The staph cleared up in about a week and I thought maybe we were finally on the road to no more diaper rashes with yeast infection, but alas, it was not be that way. Dr. Granger (Korben's pediatrician) said that Korben just has sensitive skin and will probably deal with this until he's out of diapers and to just keep doing what we're doing... poor baby!

Anyhow on a lighter note now, here are some pics from the last couple of weeks...there a ton!

Me and my best friend since 8th grade (and also who takes all of our professional photos b/c she is awesome!) I love you, Kristen!!

A couple of cute father-son moments

My cousin, April, who lives in Ft. Worth came for a visit on Monday with her 3 kiddos. We had a lot of fun with them! Aprils oldest, Ayden, wasn't thrilled about taking pictures though so I don't have any of him :( But I was able to get a couple of pics with Korben and Aprils younger kiddos, Adam and Zoe.

Hangin' out in the back of Daddy's truck while waiting on Granny and Pops to show up for dinner

Mowing the yard in pj's :)

This school semester, I watched a couple of great kiddos for a friend of mine. Andrew and Clara have become like family to me and I love them to pieces!! I got to the Staffords house right at lunch time and Clara always sat in the rocker in the kitchen while the boys ate... after a few times of bringing Clara back into the living room after lunch, Korben caught on to the routine and decided to be a little helper and push Clara himself! :~)

Korben and Andrew are great pals and loved playing peek-a-boo with the curtain!

Just about every Monday, we have a play date with Haley and Kara... the last of these photos are from a couple of those play dates

All 3 kiddos playing together: Korben, Landon, and Katelynn

Spending some quality time with girlfriend, Katelynn :)

Korben was really cute chasing Katelynn around to give her sugars! The boy needed to claim her before Landon tries to steal her away!! ....I know what you're up to, Landon McGrew!! ;~)

Monday, May 11, 2009

2-in-1 Post

We had a couple of fun outings the last couple of weekends and since I'm slacking on posting stuff as it happens, I thought I'd just post them together! So first, Josh and I took Korben to his first Rangers game and it was so much fun! We got lucky having a bunch of empty seats around us because you know our little monkey wanted to be a big boy and have his own seat! Josh and I still had to switch off every now and then and take Korben for a walk and get snacks or something but really was not bad at all and Korben just loved it! And he LOVED clapping and cheering anytime the crowd did, especially when they had music going! After the game, they had fireworks and Korben really liked that... he sat in our lap for that part and just kept staring at them... it was too precious!

Clapping for his home team!

The ice cream tasted so yummy!
The fireworks were great!

THEN, this past Friday, Korben and I met up with Kristen and her family and we all went to the Ft. Worth Zoo. It was extremely hot that day and apparently it was also field trip day so Brad and Kristen gave me quite a hard time since I picked the day and what-not. But it was still a lot of fun! Apparently every animal in the world is a doggy and they're all named Sam... at least according to Korben! I guess the penguin exhibit is new at the zoo so we went and checked that out and all 3 boys seemed to really like it... I think it was Korbens favorite! After the zoo that day, Kristens hubby watched the boys so we could have some much needed "girl" time.... thanks so so much Brad! So Kristen and I did what girls do best, got pedicures and went shopping! It was such a fun day! I wish my best friend would move her butt east so we can have more days like that to get together and hang out.... hint hint, Kristen!

Landon & Korben (and their penguin friend)

Andrew and Korben checkin' out the water animals :~)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bittersweet Day

I attended my 3rd funeral since January yesterday... my Aunt Jayne lost her battle against cancer and passed away this week. Her funeral was in Cisco (about 50 miles East of Abilene) so Korben and I packed up and headed west for the day. It was a very sad occasion and Wednesday night I was a COMPLETE wreck. I went through some tough moments at the funeral too, BUT I cannot tell you how much better I was once I was with my family! It was sooo stinkin' good to be with them! My parents are in California this week on vacation so they weren't able to be there, but it was still a really great little reunion in spite of the circumstances. I was able to get a few photos but my battery died before I got a chance to get a pic of everyone that I wanted. Maybe if Cari or anyone else that had a camera reads this post, they'll be nice enough to email the pics they took! ;~) I didn't take my camera to the cemetery because I thought it was inappropriate but now I wish I had so I could have that "life document" and really remember that moment... oh well.

To all of my family that was there..... Jamey, Granny Lucy, Rick, Karen, Barb, Mark, Carla, Pete, Morgan, Mikenna, Cari, April, Andy, Ayden, Adam, Zoe, Kylene, Kelly, Keith, Anne, Mitzi, David, Tyler, Kaylee, Monica, Jeremy, Kylee, Cliff, Nancy, and even the family members that I had never met before yesterday..... you cannot know how much comfort I got from spending the day with you! I love you all so so very much! Mom and Dad, even though you couldn't be there in person yesterday, you were there in our thoughts and hearts... and maybe a few conversations too!! I love you to the moon and back! I hate not getting to see you on a regular basis and I miss you dearly.

And now a few of the photos that I did get....

Korben with Uncle Jamey at the fam's hotel in Abilene after the funeral
Korben actually putting on sunglasses

Korben loved his cousins Morgan and Mikenna and they loved him! It was so cute watching these three play together! The girls loved getting "five" and "bonks" from Korben and Korben loved being chased by the girls! They were all constantly laughing at each other! Cutest thing ever!

Giving some more head bonks to Uncle Rick! A lot of people tried to get kisses but Korben just gave head bonks instead and thought it was hilarious!

He even warmed up to Uncle Cliff! :~) Korben really was great the whole day! Except for the hour that he kept running off into one of the meeting rooms in the hotel! :~)

We love you Jayne! We are all going to miss you!