Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet Sugar!

Josh and I got word that an animal shelter in Ennis was closing down and all un-rescued dogs would be put down. Josh suggested that we rescue one and I agreed. Well, turns out that all the dogs at that shelter had already been saved and placed in homes as of a few days ago. But we already got used to the idea of getting a second a dog so we went and visited the animal shelter in Rowlett. I really wasn't sure if we'd leave with a dog or not but I'm a sucker for abandoned and helpless animals... I should not have gone in that shelter because honestly, I wanted to take all of those poor animals home with me! It was at that shelter that we found Sugar! She is a 1 year old Husky that was left at the shelter by her previous owner because she apparently didn't get along with the cats. According to the last owner though, she gets along with any other living creature just fine, including children and other dogs! She looked so sweet that we just had to have her! So we took her home with us and she already fits right in with our family. Korben already loves her and calls her shu-shu and she loves Korben right back! She gets along great with Sam too. I think this match was definitely meant to be!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fair Day!

Today was fair day for the Chaney family. We missed last year because Korben was so little but thought he might enjoy this year. We brought some canned goods and got in for just $1 a person...normally $15/person! But we made up for it with all the food, games, rides, and Korbens caricature picture thingy that we did. This morning, it was overcast and LOOKED cold outside so we all wore pants....too bad I suck at weather forecasting because it was hot and humid the whole day! Thankfully I was the only one that suffered too much because Josh said he was comfortable and I had some shorts in Korbens bag that he changed into later when I realized it. Korben was such a trooper the whole day and really seemed to enjoy the fair. The petting zoo was his favorite part I think. He thought most of the animals looked like was hilarious! He loved feeding all the "horsies!" He loves doggies so we also went to a dog show, he got to play a couple of games grabbing ducks and fishes out of the water for prizes, and we all even went on a fun water ride. Add in the fried pizza and funnel cake and all in all, it was a pretty good day!

Watching the doggies do their tricks

At the petting zoo :)

Feeding a "horsie!"

Feeding Mommy some french fries

Korben had his first cotton candy! :)

The water log ride we went on

The slide to the right is what we went down

I refused to try the fried butter but we all had some fried pizza!

Bobbing for ducks!

Korbens prize was a ball!

And bobbing for fishes!

His prize for that was stuffed doggie!

Time to go home!

We didn't make it to the car before he was out!

Sleepy boy didn't even wake up when we moved him to his car seat!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today I am sad. Sad about several different things going on with more than one group of friends. Sad that friends are struggling in their marriage, sad that another friend is still grieving the loss of her husband and father of her son. Sad that another friend lost her father this year. Sad that there have been several deaths in my own family this year, including a suicide. Sad that yet another friend is going through health issues that nobody can seem to figure out. I am sad that any of these are happening.

Today I am frustrated. Frustrated with all the drama that comes along with some of it. Frustrated that I feel like I haven't done enough and let people down. Frustrated that I feel so helpless in it all.

Today I am glad. Glad that there is One who knows all and holds the entire universe in His hands. Glad that He provides strength, comfort, grace, peace and love. Glad that when we are weary and burdened, He will give us rest. Glad that when people let us down, He never will. Glad that He is in control. Glad that even though we sometimes don't understand, we can still trust Him with all our heart. Glad that He has a plan...and it's good.