Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 Months and San Antonio

Logan turned 5 months old this week! And he is a mess now that he is rolling over both directions... he's all over the place! He is also "talking" more and more these days which is really cute. He especially likes to talk when he gets tired and tries to keep himself awake. It's really funny. He's been grabbing his feet for a while but that has also gotten more frequent lately and he also tries to eat his feet now! It's so funny watching him try to grab and pull his little rolly legs up to his face! Korben is Logan's favorite person in the world and can make him laugh more than anyone else and I love that! Logan is already so into anything and everything Korben does and watches his every move... it is so cute! We still haven't started him on solid foods yet, mainly because he just doesn't need it since chunky monkey is 18 lbs! But we'll probably give it a go in a few weeks when he gets closer to 6 months. He did have some Nutella by accident a few days ago. I was getting some out for myself and squirmy wormy got a finger in the jar and then stuck it in his mouth! He seemed to like it. :) With 2 picky eaters in the house (Josh and Korben), I'm hoping that when Logan does start real food, he will be my good eater. Time will tell I guess.

Earlier this week, Josh had to go to San Antonio for a few days for work so we decided to tag along with him and make a little mini vacay out of it. We stayed at the Westin on the River Walk so when Josh was at work and I needed to get out of the hotel, I could just get out the stroller and head down to the river to get food and have stuff to do. Uncle Joey and Aunt Jeni were off work on Tuesday so we got to hang out with them. We decided to have a zoo day! It was pretty hot so we missed quite a few animals that opted to stay inside where it was cooler, but we still had a lot of fun! Korben didn't care that it was hot and Logan stayed in the shade of the stroller most of the trip, unless we were indoors somewhere taking a break to cool off... which we did quite frequently. Wednesday was our last day so after we checked out of the hotel, Josh and I loaded up the kids and headed to the Alamo. My camera was dead at this point so we didn't get many pictures, except a couple on Josh's phone. Again, it was really hot, but we made it through and had a really good time.

5 months old!
I got these stickers to put on Logan's clothes that have his age on them so we'd know when we went back and looked at the pictures... better try it on a plain shirt next time though!

Fun in the exersaucer!

Happy Boy :)

Passed out at the zoo thug style

Uncle Joey with his nephews
I'm a pretty butterfly! Haha!
Jeni is a pretty butterfly too! :)

Smiles for Uncle Joey :)
You know you love him! :)

Korben was attached to Aunt Jeni's hip pretty much the whole day! He hardly left her side! :)

(Gross) hippo kisses! Those guys were huge!

Strolling with my boys :)
I have no idea what animal that was or if it even made it in the picture.
The Okapi. It looks like it's part deer, part donkey, part giraffe, and part zebra. Very strange.. but cool.
There were these machines throughout the zoo that makes plastic animal molds. Korben loved it and made a lion and a gorilla.

Smiles for Aunt Jeni :)

The poor bald eagle had been shot and have to have part of his wing removed so he can't fly anymore.

Hanging out in the AIR CONDITIONED kids area!

There were plenty of toys for Logan too. :)

Korben loved loved loved catching fish in the little river in the kids building!

Chillin' on the giant frog pillow on the water bed. 

Showing off his new hat 

The hat was just a little big :)

Me and my boys :)
Swimming at the hotel


At The Alamo

Out for the count

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

He Rolls Both Ways!

So, Logan rolled over from his tummy to back for the first time several weeks ago and has been really close to going from back to tummy for quite some time. He could get his tummy and legs over but always got stuck on his arm (you can see what I'm talking about in the first part of the video). Well today, he finally made it all the way over! He was laying on the bed while I was getting everything ready to check out of the hotel we've been staying at in San Antonio, and he just decided to roll over! We're so proud of you, sweet Logan! :)

YouTube Video

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Caught on Camera

I love having a video baby monitor that also takes pictures. Ours has 2 cameras so one stays in Korbens room and the other follows Logan wherever he is sleeping, which is sometimes in his crib and sometimes in our room. Here are some of the snapshots stored in the monitor... FYI: The black and white ones are like that just because the room was dark at the time and the camera was in night vision mode.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pool Time with the Cuz

We were going to head to Lewisville yesterday and go to a splash park there with cousin, Caroline, but because Logan doesn't always do so well in the car, Uncle Jake was kind enough to bring Caroline here so we could avoid any car drama with our youngest son. We also wanted to stay close to home for water activities since Logan is still so young so that we could bring him home in case he didn't enjoy the water like the older kids and got too hot. The only downfall was that we missed Aunt Robin since she had to work. We missed you Robin and we'll be sure to make a trip to Lewisville soon. :)

Once Jake and Caroline got here, we headed to our neighborhood pool and we all had a lot of fun; it's always fun when we can get all 3 cousins together! Logan even had fun getting a few splashes in while he sat in the water, although he spent most of his time in the water being mesmerized by it and just staring. I meant to get a picture with all 3 of them together but of course I forgot! They should call it "baby brain" instead of "preggo brain" because it does not come back after you've had the baby!

Is he not the cutest thing ever?

My big boy lounging in the pool

Hamming it up for the camera!

swim buddies

Sweet hugs

Yup, that's the father of my children right there

*Gasp* Mommy made it IN a picture!

Kisses from big cousin :)

My 2 adorable boys