Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Part 3

The night before Easter, Korben colored eggs and of course I didn't get any pictures. He was really into it this year so it was a lot of fun. The next morning, the boys got to see what the Easter bunny had brought them and then Uncle Joey and Aunt Jeni who were in from San Antonio came over to visit. It was their first time to see Logan since he's been born. Then we all headed over to meet Uncle Jake, Aunt Robin, and cousin Caroline at Granny and Pops house for an Easter egg hunt. It was a super busy day but lots of fun!

Ready to go hunt some eggs!

What a handsome egg hunter :)
Uncle Jake thought he'd be funny and hide an egg in the rocks in the middle of the pond!

Caroline getting an egg :)

Logan was uninterested and preferred to sleep

There were so many eggs, Korben filled up 2 baskets!

Checking out the loot I attempted to get a picture with both boys and this was the best I could get

I hope everyone had a super fantastic Easter!

Easter Part 2

Egg hunt #2 this year was held at Landon and Reid's house. There were 11 kids including Logan (who didn't make it in any pictures because he was covered up on my shoulders so he wouldn't be in the sun) and they all had a great time! Thanks for opening up your back yard, Haley!

Claire, Korben, and Max enjoyed a snack before the Texas winds got hold of their plates!

Hunting for eggs!
Miss Kara was nice enough to help Korben find and reach an egg hidden in the tree. :)
Korben and Landon refusing to cooperate during the picture taking!
All of the kids (sans Logan) actually sat down together long enough to snap a picture!
Korben and Mia checking out some of their loot
Luka, Max, Katelynn, and Korben playing on the sand table
Bounce house time! Max is the cutie with little plumber's butt going on! :)
I guess Korben and Max thought the bounce house was a good place to lay down for a nap! They were so cute playing and copying each other in the bounce house! Until Korben started beating up Max anyway! Korben will be playing Tball with Max this summer so I'm glad they get along so well! :)

Easter Part 1

Korben's first Easter egg hunt this year was at Aunt D's church the week before Easter. I didn't want Logan out so I stayed home with him while Granny picked up Korben and took him and they met Aunt Robin and Cousin Caroline. I was really bummed about missing it but I sent my camera with Granny and she got some pics for me! Thanks Granny! :)

He loves bounce houses!

Korben and Caroline with the Easter Bunny :)
Time to get some eggs!

Korben, Granny, Robin, and Caroline
He thinks he's so cool :)
Cousins comparing their loot :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who's Who?

When Logan was first born, I thought he looked exactly like Korben did when he was born. While Logan still has some similar traits as Korben at this age, with each passing day he looks less and less like his brother. I still thought it'd be fun to do some comparison pics, though! Can you guess which pictures are of Korben and which ones are of Logan? I'll post a comment with the answers in a few days. :)





Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 Week Check Up

This is probably boring information for most of you, but I need to document these things for Logan's scrapbook when I get around to making it. Plus, I figure there is family out there that would appreciate these little facts! :)

Logan had his 2 week appointment today and these were his measurements:

Weight: 8lbs. 11oz (50th%)
Length: 21 inches (75th%)
Head: 37 cm (75.90th%)

He's grown 1/2 inch and gained 7 ounces since he was born so he's definitely a growing boy! And for your viewing pleasure, a cute picture of a cute sleepy baby..... :)