Thursday, March 31, 2011


On March 24, 2011 at 8:09am, Logan Lee Chaney entered this world. He weighed 8lbs. 4oz. and was 20.5 inches long. We could not be more thrilled to have this sweet little bundle of joy in our lives! I went in for induction on Wednesday night and expected labor and delivery to be pretty similar to Korben's, but just like during pregnancy, Logan switched things up all together during labor even though the induction process was the same. With Korben, I didn't actually go into active labor until the next morning and with Logan I went into labor right away. I had a doctors appointment that morning and there was no progress but when I checked into the hospital I was actually at a 1 and having contractions (that I couldn't feel and were detected on the monitor). I was supposed to get 2 doses of Cytotec during the night and start on Pitosin the next morning but that first dose was all Logan needed to get going! Almost immediately, I started feeling the contractions even though dilation still seemed slow. I ended up not needing the second dose of Cytotec or the Pitosin. At 6:00am, I was at a 3 and got the epidural. I was still expecting a full day of labor ahead of me at that point but was able to finally fall asleep and get some rest. Around 8:00am, the nurse came in and woke me up to check me, and to my surprise, she told me that I was ready to start pushing! It was just a few short minutes afterwards that we were holding our sweet baby boy in our arms! Korben was a little unsure about his baby brother while we were at the hospital but as soon we got home, he was instantly attached and has been such a good big brother to Logan! Josh, Korben, and I are all just so so thrilled to finally have our Logan here!

Daddy cutting the cord

Mommy holding baby for the first time

Daddy holding baby for the first time

All clean after his first bath

Big brother got to watch :)

Pure sweetness!Align Center

Sugars from big brother :)

How can you not love this? :)

Korben was so sweet showing Logan his room and all of his stuff when we got home from the hospital!

Kristen came over to take some newborn pics; unfortunately, Logan was not having it so we only got a couple of shots. But the few shots that she did get are super cute!

Don't you just want to eat him up?? :)

Our family of four!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite

We are loving the nice weather and taking advantage of it as much as possible!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Build-a-Bear Party

Well, it only took me 3 weeks, but here are a few pictures from Korben's birthday party... finally! While it was a fun day, it was also a super chaotic day for this preggo mama, so I didn't get very many pictures.

This year, we did a joint party with sweet friend, Katelynn, whose birthday is just a couple of weeks before Korben's (Feb 7). Katelynn's mom, Kara, is a crafty one and she made matching camo bear shirts with the number 3 for Korben and Katelynn and she even made clothes for all the kids new stuffed animals as part of their party favors....super cute!

We had a morning party at 10:00am at the Build-a-Bear workshop at Northpark Mall and after everyone made their stuffed animals, we all headed to the food court to eat lunch and have cupcakes. The original plan was to also open presents at the food court but nap time came for many of the guests (and our birthday boy) so we decided it would be better to just take the presents home. It worked out great because we were able to get home and take a nap, and then when Korben woke up, he got to continue to celebrate by opening his presents... which I of course got zero pictures of!

While the day was really chaotic, it really was a lot of fun and I think the kids all had a pretty good time so we'll call it a success! :)

The birthday kids, Korben and Katelynn, in their matching shirts :)

Some of the party guests. I think they were holding hands here because they had all just put their hearts in their stuffed animals and made a wish... but I honestly can't remember for sure!

The birthday kids giving their new friends a bath

Showing off his new friend :) He chose to make this dog and name him "Spot." Although, he was only called Spot for that day... ever since, Korben has just called him Doggie. :)

He loves his new friend! To this day, Korben often likes to sleep with his new dog. :)

Blowing out the candles on the cupcakes

And one last shot of the birthday kids! Chocolate and all!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Korben's 3rd Birthday

On February 19, 2011 at 6:27pm, Korben turned 3 years old! Since we had already had his birthday party the previous week, I tried to make his actual birthday as special as possible. The day before, I went to Kroger and let him pick out either a birthday cake or some cupcakes for us to enjoy the next day. He insisted on getting the Sponge Bob cupcakes! He's only seen the show on TV a couple of times but he still likes the character. I myself am not a huge Sponge Bob fan but it was Korben's birthday cake and since that's what he wanted, that's we got! That night (the night before his birthday), I made a few birthday signs and colored a couple of his giant Toy Story pages so it looked like the characters were wishing him a happy birthday. Then I set out the cupcakes on the table with a few balloons. When Korben woke up the next morning and came down stairs, he was really excited to see everything. Josh and I sang Happy Birthday to him and we all had cupcakes for breakfast before Josh had to go to work.

After Josh left, we watched a couple of Korben's favorite shows (Umizoomi and Diego) and then headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch. After Korben got enough play time in, we headed home to take a nap. As soon as nap time was over, we headed to Toys R Us to spend some birthday money that Korben had gotten. He ended up getting an Imaginext Batman cave, a Thomas scooter, and a Mickey's playground set thing. He couldn't wait to get home to play with his new toys! When Josh got home later that night, we headed to CiCi's Pizza for some dinner and games. We came home, played some more and finally went to bed at 10:30 (an hour and a half past K's regular bed time)!! It was a really good day and Korben loved having an entire day devoted to him!

Time to sing "Happy Birthday!"

Who needs hands to eat cupcakes??

Showing off his blue icing tongue!

The Batman cave
He LOVES his Thomas scooter! Every time we go to the park now, he insists on riding his scooter on the way!
The day after Korbens birthday, Pops took everyone out to dinner at Kyoto. Korben only wanted to eat rice, but loved watching the chef cook! Thanks for a great dinner, Pops!

So interested. When the chef flicked a piece of broccoli into Josh's mouth, Korben laughed so hard! He really liked all of the chef's "tricks!"

He even got to use some chopsticks and actually preferred them over the fork!

And he did a pretty good job at using them, too!

I still have a few pictures from the birthday party to post, so hopefully I'll get to that soon!