Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Year Stats

No pics this post but Korben had his one year check up today so thought I would share! So here are the numbers:

Height: 30 3/4 inches (75th %)

Weight: 21 lb 13 oz (40th %)

Head circumference: 19 inches (90th %)

So according to the doctor he is still tall, thin, and has a very large head! :~) He had to get some shots today too for MMR, Pneumococcal, and Chicken Pox which was not fun but he only cried for literally about 60 seconds and then he was all smiles again!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm a blogger!

Well, here I am on blogspot! I figured it was time to give up the babyhomepages site and start a family site now that Korben is one. I still can't believe it! Here is a slide show video of some pics of Korben growing up that Josh put together. Sorry if it's a bit blurry. I think he put some music to it so be sure to pause the music at the bottom of the blog page before starting it.

Look at how much my baby has changed in the last year!

There are more 1 year and birthday pics on the babyhomepages site if you want to see!