Saturday, March 24, 2012

Logan Turns One!!

I can't believe Logan is ONE YEAR OLD. His favorite "activities" now are initiating peek-a-boo, throwing stuff on the ground .. just because it's funny, and pulling stuff in and out of drawers LOL. What a mess, but very full of life and energy!!

Weight: 21 lb. 7 oz.
Height: 30"
Head: 47.8 cm

Monday, March 19, 2012

Logan's first steps!!

Cassi was upstairs napping and I was downstairs playing with the kids. I was really just practicing with Logan on standing, when all of a sudden he starts walking!! He beat his big brother by one month; five days shy of his first birthday. Here are a couple of videos:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Logan 11 months / Korben 4yrs old!!

Logan is just one month shy of his first birthday and his big brother Korben is now 4 years old!! They are 2 peas in a pod.
Logan is crawling EVERYWHERE and FAST. He loves to initiate peek-a-boo, being outside, is a very curious explorer, and eats all kinds of food now like mini pb&j. He also had his first haircut yesterday.
Korben had a haircut too shortly before his 4 year doctor visit with five shots in his legs :(( He is growing up and becoming confident like his daddy and a very good negotiator like his mommy. At the doctor's office he weighed in at 36lbs (50%) and measured 41 inches tall (75%) !!
Both boys play very well together and entertain each other, making the other laugh all the time. Korben and Logan also like to watch their new favorite cartoon The Octonauts ...

Logan was mad because he wanted to crawl away and not sit still.

First haircut, could not sit still but smiled the whole time!!

Hard pic to get him playing peek-a-boo but here is his "after" smile.

Korben gets himself dressed just as soon as he wakes up, ready to start the day (and adventures).

Big boy car seat in daddy's truck.

Went to see THIS movie in 3D !!

Like I said two peas in a pod.

Racing up the slide at McDonald's.

Dallas Zoo with mommy and friends.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

10 Months!

My littlest monkey is now 10 months old! Seems so crazy. Wasn't he born just yesterday?? Does the growing ever stop? I guess I should know by now that it doesn't. Can we at least slow it down a bit? I guess we can't do that either... dang.

Logan man is changing every day. He started "for real" crawling last month but has now pretty much made that his main form of movement and given up the army crawl. Of course he would still prefer to hold someone's hand and walk around. He loves to open and close doors and since Korben's play kitchen is just the right size and has plenty of doors to open, it has become one of Logan's favorite things to play with. Almost every morning, the first thing he does when we make it downstairs is grab my hand so we can walk over to that kitchen. And then he plops himself down and goes to town with those doors and starts pulling stuff out. I'm not sure why I don't have a picture of it; I really should get one.

He's also been cruising pretty well these days and is constantly getting into big brother's things. Korben is constantly yelling at his little brother for taking his toys. "Logan, that's not yours, it's mine!" and "Logan, that's not a toy!" are very common phrases from our oldest monkey these days. And "Uh-oh" is a commonly used phrase from our youngest monkey when he drops said toys. Of course that's about as far as his vocabulary is extended to anyway besides "mama," "dada," "bubba," and "GAH!" When Logan isn't nabbing one of brother's toys though, the boys are still actually very sweet with each other. Korben is Logan's favorite person and Korben loves that he can make his little brother laugh. I love it when Korben randomly gives Logan hugs and sugars and says, "I love you, little brother!" It melts my heart!

Something else Logan is into these days is Wheel of Fortune. I have no idea why he likes that show so much but he does. No matter what he's doing, he drops it all as soon as that first puzzle comes up and crawls straight to the TV to watch. It's hilarious.

When bed time comes around, Logan likes to listen to music when he falls asleep. The music thing used to just be Daddy's thing when he put Logan to sleep but there have been a few times lately when I've had to pull out the tunes also. I used to get away with not having to play any songs since I always feed him to sleep but the boy does love his music. It actually kind of makes me happy that he's got some musicality in him... I hope it stays that way!

A mini version of his "scrunchy" face

Getting his Wheel of Fortune fix in

Spending some time with Gram in Abilene

Walking with Grandpooh

Getting some Gal time in

Hanging out with Gus

Love that smile

My boys!

Wearing their matching stripe pajamas... I do love matching pj's!

Korben sharing some of his ice cream with Logan - he was very appreciative :)

We finally had a warm enough day to take the Power Wheels truck out for a spin to the park