Monday, December 13, 2010

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

A couple of weeks ago, we were at Granny and Pops' house and Korben got to ride on Pops' tractor. He loved it!

Yesterday we were back at their house for an early Christmas and this is what they had gotten him.... he was one very happy little boy! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tragedy of the Preggo Brain

I have an AWFUL memory. At least when it comes to short term memory. Seriously. I cannot tell you how many things I've lost, phone calls I've never returned, or play dates I've missed... all because I simply had a lapse in memory and forgot! And being pregnant certainly doesn't help things!

So, all week I've been looking forward to making some banana bread with Korben and today we finally did just that. I brought Korbens step stool into the kitchen so he could reach the counter, and together we mixed up some homemade banana bread, and I put it in the oven. It was supposed to take an hour to cook. It was a little after 4:00 and the bread had been in the oven for just 15 minutes and I realized I hadn't eaten since breakfast and was starving. I was planning on making pasta for dinner tonight but Josh wouldn't get home for another 2.5 hours and I really didn't feel like "making" anything else before I made dinner so I thought I'd load up Korben and go and grab something small real quick.

We made it back home about 20 minutes later but I decided that since it was a nice day today, I'd take Korben to the park for a little while. So instead of unloading Korben and going inside, I drove back out of the driveway and headed to the park.... totally forgetting that I still had banana bread in the oven! We played and had a great time at the park, completely oblivious to the burning bread in the oven back home. I didn't remember it until I was loading Korben back in the car to come home and when we finally did make it home, I think the bread had spent somewhere between 1.5-2 hours in the oven.... oops!

So needless to say, there will be no yummy banana bread eaten in the Chaney house tonight. Such a tragedy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Family Time

I love Sundays and Wednesdays when Josh is off of work and we get to spend time together as a family! We spent some time at the park on Sunday this week. This first pic is Josh trying to take Korben across the monkey bars... he thought he would carry Korben in between his legs....

.....not such a great idea after all!!

Korben always loves the swings!

Big boy in a little swing! Even though there are "big boy" swings at the park, Josh opted to try out the kid swing and let Korben push him! :)

I guess Korben thought Daddy was a little too heavy to push and decided to push something a little bit lighter in the swing! If you look closely, you can see a couple of his pez toys in the swing!

Wednesday ended up being bowling night at Shenanigans! Everyone got their bowling shoes on and was ready to go!

Bowling with Mommy

Korben said, "Yay, ball!" after every ball he threw and even threw in a little happy dance every now and then! :)

High fives for Mommy!

Bowling with Daddy. Korben was very insistent that he carry his own ball to the ramp! Mommy and Daddy helped but never carried the ball for him! The child thinks he is so big! :)

Anxiously waiting to see how many pins get knocked down!

"Yay, ball!"

I totally killed the first game! I lost the second game and barely even beat my 2 year old but I refuse to post the scores because I totally got cheated! I bowled a strike in the 10th frame but our time ran out seconds before the ball hit the pins so it never showed up on the score board! The guy at the front desk did give us 10 more minutes so I could re-do the frame but I didn't get the strike the second time!

After we finished bowling, we ate at the restaurant inside the bowling ally and then played some games in the arcade. Korben loved putting all of his tickets in the ticket counter machine!

Korbens 2 favorite prizes of the night were his duck whistle and Mickey Mouse that Daddy won with the claw machine! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Got Pez?

At the young age of just 2.5 years old, Korben has already started a collection of things he loves... Pez toys! Every single time we go into a store and he see's one, he just has to have it! I'm not sure what it is about these little things that he loves but he truly does enjoy them! And we've never put any of the Pez candy in them so he doesn't even know that it's really a candy holder....ssshhhh! ;) Maybe for Christmas, Santa will bring Korben a carrying case to haul around all of his Pez toys... You should see him try to carry all of these things himself!

So proud of all of his "trophies"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Korben is....

.....going to have a little BROTHER!!!!! We are so excited to announce that we are having another little boy in a few short months!! I really truly would have been super excited with either gender, but I'm glad Korben (and the new baby) will have a brother to do "boy" stuff with! I only have a brother and I love him dearly and we are super close, but I always thought it would have been cool to have a sister growing up and I'm glad that Korben will have that! I can't wait to find out if he will look a lot like big brother or look completely different! I have a feeling their personalities are going to be completely different though since he's already been so different from Korben in utero! This one has given me more morning sickness and nausea than Korben ever did (of course I didn't have any with Korben!) and he doesn't move around nearly as much as big brother did either. Korben was quite the soccer player in my belly and kicked ALL THE TIME! I have to really pay attention with the new baby because I might miss one his seldom kicks! I just can't wait to meet our newest addition and watch his little personality unfold!

And for your viewing enjoyment, here's a sono pic we got today of our little bundle of joy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun with Pumpkins

Last week, we decided to carve pumpkins for the first time in a very long time! Each of us had one pumpkin that we designed and carved. Korben wasn't that interested in the actual carving part since he wasn't allowed to help with that part, but he did enjoy helping Mommy and Daddy clean out the pumpkins!

An owl face for Mommy and a "C" for baby Chaney to be!

A bat for Korben!

A few friends got together for a PB&J party last weekend and it was really fun to carve pumpkins together and see what everyone else came up with! Unfortuneately, the pumpkin we bought for this event busted so we saved Josh's pumpkin for the party!

We ended up with a "Trick or Treat" design on Josh's pumpkin!

Since Korben didn't get to help much with carving pumpkins, he got to paint one! And he loved it!

We had 3 pumpkins for painting... I helped Korben with the big white one, but the other 2 are the end result of Korbens artwork that he did all on his own! :)

Here's a video of Korben painting his pumpkin :)
Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom of the page!

Hope everyone had a very happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Little OCD?

My son thinks that all socks must be in shoes and that all shoes must be lined up together when they're not on anyone's feet! Now if I can just get him to straighten up the rest of the house... :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bath Company

We spent the day in Lewisville yesterday at Josh's brother's apartment and when it came time for little Caroline to take her bath, Korben decided he wanted to join! So the 2 cousins took their first bath together. :) Korben tried to play with Caroline and dump water on her head a couple of times but for the most part, he did pretty good with a 6 month old in the tub with him! Jake ended up causing more trouble than anyone when he tried to snap a picture while eating his pizza at the same time.... he dropped both pieces of pizza in the tub and we had to drain it and start over again! So this picture was actually take 2 of bath time. :) Thanks sweet Caroline for letting cousin Korben invade your tub for a night! :)

Korben also had some company in the bath with him last week when we watched sweet Hannah for a few hours. As you all probably know, Korben is potty training right now and I guess when another kid gets involved, it becomes much more fun! After Korben went in his potty, they decided it would be fun to splash in it! I wasn't about to attempt to wipe them down, so in the tub they went! Both of them loved taking a bath together! Hannah is Korbens age and seems to enjoy rough housing just as much as Korben so he was thrilled to have a friend he could splash with in the water! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Food for Thought

I've been thinking about food quite a bit lately. And even though pregnancy does have a part in that, it's not the main reason food has been on my mind so much lately. My little brother is the main cause. Most of you know about the disease that he's been diagnosed with and with that disease comes a pretty strict diet. There's a long list of things he can no longer have and won't ever get to have again. I won't bore you with all of the details of his new diet, but I will tell you that it has made me look at food differently. Every time I eat something that Jamey can't have, I feel a little guilty. I wish that he could enjoy the same things that everyone else does and not have to read the labels on every single thing he buys at the store. I've always tried to make it a point to not take food for granted because I know there are so many people in the world that don't have access to good, healthy food. But I've never thought about the people that do have access to food and still can't have it because their bodies can't handle it. Food is one of those things that we usually don't think about... we just decide what we want and then we eat it.

And then I started thinking some more... and I think it's safe to say that not just UC/Crohn's patients have digestive problems. Yes, their problems are much much much MUCH more severe, but in every grocery store you go to, there is an entire section with OTC medicines dedicated to digestive health. Even in the dairy section you see yogurt that promises to get your digestion under control if you eat it every day. Those of us that don't have UC, Crohn's, or any other IBD disease may experience a little discomfort, choose an OTC med, take it, and move on. But is that really supposed to be normal? Or are we just so accustomed to it that we've made it normal? I recently came across this website written by a woman who is living with UC and since her diagnosis, has left the corporate world of work and became a nutritionist. She talks about the incredible difference diet and nutrition have made in her life with UC. The site is mostly healthy recipes, but I came across this post from her site:

getting back on track with your digestion:

It doesn’t take Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys to see that the majority of people have issues with digestion. Just take a stroll through your local supermarket or pharmacy and you’ll find product after product to relieve constipation, others to aid those suffering from diarrhea, more for heartburn and still more options for gas relief. Digestion is something a lot of us don’t feel comfortable talking about, but it’s clearly something that causes a lot of discomfort, or there wouldn’t be so many options so easily accessible.
All animals, in fact every organism, has to digest the food they eat, so why is it so difficult for us? Is it possible to live in a world where you don’t need a box of pills (or that morning cup of Joe) to pass a bowel movement? That’s right, I just said bowel movement. No big deal.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is to blame for our inefficient and malfunctioning digestion epidemic. Sorry, but there is no sugar coating or tiptoeing around this. Packed with processed foods and few fruits and vegetables, the SAD consists of foods high in lots of things the body really doesn’t need. The SAD is loaded with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lacking in the basic essentials like vitamins and minerals. Packaged foods have little, if any, nutritional value. It’s no wonder our bodies don’t know how to handle them.

It is possible to have a happy and healthy digestive system. Although our digestive system is tied to many different factors including physical activity and mental health, what and how we eat plays a huge role in how we feel on the inside. Cleaning up your diet is the first step.

This is some of the stuff I work on with my clients. So many people that I work with think that it is acceptable and perfectly normal to constantly be uncomfortable and carry around at least one over-the-counter product that brings them relief everywhere they go. Trust me, this isn’t normal. Why live with unnecessary pain and discomfort?

Frankly, I'm starting to agree with her. I think that maybe foods affect us more that we realize. I think that we were perfectly designed for the natural resources that The Creator gave us, not for manufactured stuff made in bulk in a large factory and then shipped 100's of miles away. Now I know that eating foods full of junk is not nearly the same and as unhealthy as smoking, but bear with me during this analogy. Smoking is bad for you, right? We all know that it causes lung cancer, emphysema, and other health problems. But not every person that smokes develops any of those problems. Some smokers live perfectly long and relatively healthy lives. So does that mean that smoking is perfectly healthy for some people and not so for others? Or that smoking wasn't the cause of emphysema in a person who does smoke? Of course not! Had that person not been a smoker, they would not have developed emphysema. And just because some people are lucky enough to avoid such problems, doesn't mean that smoking is a perfectly healthy thing to do for those people. I think the same thing can be applied to the foods we consume. Just because some people don't experience any major problems from eating junk all the time, doesn't make it a healthy thing to do.

As far as the UC thing goes, I'm not necessarily saying that a bad diet is the main factor for the cause of it. There's no medical link suggesting that and I know that plenty of people who lived very healthy lifestyles still developed the disease. But it's hard to imagine that food and diet don't play a role at all in the cause of a digestive related issue, especially when diet plays such an important role in the effects of the disease post diagnosis.

I'm also not trying to be "preachy" and tell anyone that they need to stop shopping at regular grocery stores and only shop at Whole Foods from now on and only eat organic foods. I am probably one of the worst examples of "healthy" there is! In fact, I may be the queen of unhealthy! I was just at the State Fair yesterday and ate a ton of the worlds unhealthiest foods ever made! ***bows head in shame*** And the fact of the matter is, we live in a society where it's nearly impossible to avoid highly processed foods that's full of manufactured stuff and not so full of nutrients. And frankly, it's none of my business what you eat. The subtitle of this blog is "the stories of [our family]" and this just happens to be what's going on in the thought process and life of Cassi Chaney right now. I have a sick brother who has to look at food differently and that has caused me to also look at food differently. That is all.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Korben got to spend some time with his cousin Caroline this weekend and the boy is in love with her! It was so cute to see them together! Anytime Caroline talked or cooed, Korben thought it was hilarious and started cracking up... and anytime she cried, Korben asked, "What's wrong, baby?" And he loved to give her sugars and even asked to hold her at one point. I know these 2 kids are going to be great friends as they grow up together!

Snagging some sugars while cousin was swinging

This was when Korben asked, "Korben hold baby?" :)

Jake and Robin made a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fort on the bunk bed for their daughter and nephew and had story time.... so so cute!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vacation Pics

I know it's been a while since I've updated the blog with pictures and I apologize for that. Our desktop recently crashed and my camera disk doesn't fit into the laptop. Thankfully, I got a few pics copied onto a CD before the computer crashed! Anyhow, here are a few LOT of pics from our recent family vacation to San Antonio and Austin. :)

We stayed at the Hyatt in the Hill Country the first couple of nights and LOVED it! It was a very kid friendly hotel with a lazy river and beach (which Korben actually thought was "yucky." He wasn't a fan of sand in between his toes!), a huge pool, and lots of activities every night including smores roasting, outdoor kid movies, and horse drawn wagon rides! We didn't get many pictures at the hotel, but here's one we got at the pool.
Enjoying some ice cream after playing at the hotels playground with Daddy
After we checked out of the hotel, we headed over to Josh's brothers apartment. Joey and Jeni had just moved from Rowlett to SA and they were gracious enough to let us crash with them for a couple of nights during our vacay! We were with them when Josh celebrated his 30th birthday and we had a really nice evening with just the 5 of us. We went out to dinner and then had cake at their apartment. Jeni make a delicious chocolate cake and then she and Joey gave Josh a "30's survival kit" for his birthday filled with a ton of cute gag gifts! They also gave him a bottle of Josh's choice of liquor, Crown Royal, so don't feel too bad for the old man! :)

When Josh took all of his gear off and Korben saw it on the floor, he decided he wanted to wear it!

We spent a day at Sea World and had an absolute blast! This picture was during a 4D pirate movie. The movie was in 3D and it also had water effects. Whenever someone got splashed or wet somehow in the movie, so did the audience!

Sea World had lots of spots to cool off with water throughout the park, but they also had a complete separate water park....not something that was there when I was a kid! Korbens favorite thing was going down this "whales tail" slide tummy first at the toddler pool!

Getting some grub to feed the ducks
Giving the ducks their food

One of the splash pads inside the park. This was not inside the big water park area and was pretty central in the park so we stopped here a couple of times to cool off after the shows!

Juice break
During certain hours of day, you can buy a tray of fish and feed the dolphins! It was really neat. I wish Korben had been awake for this because I think he would have enjoyed feeding the dolphins but of course it happened while he was taking his nap!

The star of the show, Shamu!

Shamu just had a baby last January so we got to see him too! He was super cute to watch as he followed his mama around! He even did a few tricks with her!
The dolphin show!

The sea lions ended up being one of Korbens favorite "fishies!" Yes, everything at Sea World was considered a fish to Korben! I think he liked this show so much because it had props and an actual story to it! It really was cute!
We also spent a day at Fiesta Texas. Somehow, we were able to get in a family picture!

We rode one single solitary ride inside the main park area at Fiesta Texas. We soon discovered that they had an entire childrens area dedicated to one of Korbens favorite group of people, The Wiggles, and once we got to that area, there was no going back! Poor Josh kind of got the short end of the stick this vacation with a toddler and a pregnant wife who couldn't ride anything fun with him! The Wiggles area put on short shows with a few of the characters from the show. Korben was in heaven getting to see them!

Josh and I got a bit of a kick at the nice dark tan that the Fiesta Texas version of Captain Feathersword acquired! :)

Wags the dog making his appearance
After the show, Korben got to meet and hug Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog and get a picture with them!

There were Wiggles rides all over the place. Josh and I took turns riding with Korben. This was the Fruit Salad ride.

Airplane ride

One of Korbens faves, the Big Red Car!

We spent the last night of our vacation in Austin with my aunt and uncle. Their names are Lori and Steve and Korben calls them Gus and Gal.... GUS for Great Uncle Steve and GAL for Great Aunt Lori. :) I wish I had pictures with them but my camera was dead by that point and I didn't think to get any with my phone! We all had an absolute blast with them! We ended the vacation by a show with the real live Wiggles in Austin! Korben was completely beside himself getting to see them in real life! He just kept saying, "Mommy Daddy, that's Jeff! (his favorite one) That's Anthony! That's Murray! That's Sam!" And of course we walked away with a TON of Wiggles memorabilia! Since my camera was dead and I forgot to pack my charger, I had to result to the use of my phone and a disposable camera for The Wiggles pictures, none of which turned out very well. But at least have some none-the-less. All in all, our first real family vacation was a success!