Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8 months!

Hard to believe our youngest son is now 8 months old! He is growing and changing every day.

Here are a few fun facts about Logan these days:

--According to our scale, he weighs exactly 20 lbs
--He has 6 teeth (3 on top, 3 on bottom) and 2 more coming in
--He is now army crawling but still prefers to walk via holding someone's hand
--He loves the vacuum
--He loves plastic straws and will jack the one in your drink if given the opportunity
--He makes this hilarious alien static clicking type sound and squints his eyes when he gets excited about something. You have to see it to really appreciate but trust me when I say that it's adorable! :)

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Mommy Confessions

It's not as bad as peeing in my kid's diaper or refusing to tend to monthly female needs in order to keep the baby in my arms asleep, but here is today's confession....

Logan has been sick the last few days with a virus, sinus infection, and ear infection. He's not a heavy sleeper to begin with so not being able to breathe when he lays down has not been helping things. Friday night, I could not get him to sleep in his crib to save my life. I tried everything. We even have a crib wedge and one end of the crib propped up on books. After about the 7th failed attempt to get him sleeping in the crib, I went to plan B. I laid Logan down in his crib and then I climbed my ginormous adult self into that tiny crib, curled up into a semi-fetal position so I could actually fit, prayed with everything I had that my weight wouldn't send the crib crashing onto the floor in a million pieces, and then nursed my baby while laying on my side and him next to me so I wouldn't have to move him after he fell asleep. And then I climbed my ginormous adult self out of the baby crib with as much grace as possible - which was pretty much none. But at least Logan stayed asleep and the crib remained in one piece. A definite victory.

Confession #2: I did it again last night. And I foresee this going on until my poor sick baby is well again. To be honest, I'm ok with that.

To top everything off last night, after I finally got Logan to sleep, I went downstairs and found my husband asleep in his chair and Korben passed out on the floor soaking wet in pee. Yay. I picked him up and carried him upstairs to his room and got him cleaned up with a clean pair of pajamas on. I told him I was going to go get his medicine (he's sick too) and change clothes (mine were now wet with pee too from carrying him) and be right back. By the time I made it back with his meds, poor little man was already conked out again.

And that was my night. Pretty sure I would have laughed at anyone who told me what kind of things I would submit myself to as a mommy before I became one. :)

But looking at those 2 (now peaceful), sweet little boys sleeping made all of the chaos that it took to get there totally worth it. I wouldn't trade these days for the world.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Patches

We hit up a couple of pumpkin patches last month; first in Rockwall with friends Max and Rylee and then in Flower Mound with cousin Caroline. Both were a lot of fun. The Rockwall one had story time and small crafts each Saturday during the month of October. It was smaller and more intimate. The Flower Mound one was a lot bigger than I imagined it being. It had hay rides, train rides, bounces houses, and a few other things that we never made it to. It was fun but also a lot more crowded when it came to doing the activities. Korben had a blast at both so I'm sure we'll do them again next year! I'm also a big fan of the Dallas Arboretum pumpkin patch but we didn't make it to that one this year and I was really bummed. Maybe next year. Maybe not. I always seem to think that life will settle down and be less hectic the following year and it always ends up being the exact opposite! LOL

Listening to the story

Love Korben's pirate face

My attempt to get all 3 kids (minus Logan because he was sleeping in the stroller)

Showing off the pumpkin wind sock he made

He wanted a pirate painted on his face to match his shirt :)

Korben and Max showing off thier painted faces :)

This was the best I could get of them with the pumpkins. They both ready to leave to go eat lunch and play at Chick-fil-A!

Hangin' the Phineas and Ferb gang at the Flower Mound pumpkin patch

Since Logan's nursry is done with giraffes, we thought it appropiate to get a picture of him with the Madagascar giraffe :)

Hangin' with Daddy

Child labor law abuse, anyone?

That's better :)


Love them! Thanks for the matching turkey shirts, Stacey. :)

My family :)

Obviously thrilled about taking this picture

Love my sweet little niece, Caroline!

Who needs a double stroller anyhow?

Ok, bad idea on so may levels, I know. We tried. It didn't work.

Train ride!

Robin could almost pass for a little kid! :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Through the Eyes of Korben

Lately Korben has taken an interest in actually using my camera to take pictures instead of just look at the picture that are already on there. I got him a toy camera last Christmas that takes real pictures but it didn't have an LCD screen and you had to connect it to the computer to see the pictures you took so he didn't show a whole lot of interest in it. We may be getting him another kid camera this year with an screen to see the pictures you take. :) Here are a few shots that he's gotten with my camera...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

7 Months and Halloween

One of these days, I will catch up and post stuff on time. For now, here's another combined post since I'm late as usual (with Logan's monthly pic).

So my youngest son is now 7 months old! C.RA.ZY! He is just growing up way too fast for my liking! Although, I have to admit, I'm really enjoying watching his little personality blossom these days. The first thing I should point out about his personality is that he is a MOMMA'S boy through and through! He will tolerate other people for a while but then he wants his momma back! This is also the case during the day when I try to put him down in his exersaucer or in the play pen... he's good for a few minutes but that's it... then he's ready to get out and be held by mama again! I love the snuggle time but it does make for some difficult times getting anything done. If I'm being completely honest, it does get hard carrying a baby on your hip 24/7 but I try not to complain too much because I know these sweet baby cuddle days will not last forever and the day will come soon enough when mama is no longer his favorite person.  Actually, I've already got some competition with big brother! If only Korben was big enough to hold Logan by himself without having to sit down and be supervised. :)

Some other things that I'm enjoying seeing with Logan these days are his sweet little talks. He is talking a heck of a lot more these days. He alternates pretty regularly between saying "mama," "dada," and "buba." And Korben cheers him on every time. Pretty cute stuff. Logan has also started sreaming more... not in the "I'm upset" sense, but just because he thinks it's fun. He is so cute to watch when he get's excited about something. He kicks his legs, waves his hands, and lets out this little shriek! So so funny!

For Halloween, I had this super cute idea for the boys. Here is what I had in mind for Korben....

And this was going to be Logan's costume....
I mean really, how cute would that have been? A pirate and a parrot! But Korben saw a catalog with costumes and when he saw a Green Lantern costume, he had his little heart set on it and there was no changing his mind! And it didn't stop there... he wanted baby brother to be Incredible Hulk, Mommy to be Batgirl and at first, he wanted Daddy to be Green Lantern with him. His words were, "We're going to be a superhero family!" And how can you say no to that? I just couldn't crush that sweet little 3 year old's dream of having a superhero family for Halloween! Eventually though, Korben changed his mind about Josh's costume and he ended up being Captain America. I have to admit, it was pretty fun. :) And I'm sure Logan will appreciate his big brother picking out his first Halloween costume!

On the actual night of trick-or-treating, we met up with a group of friends that we've gone around the neighborhood with for the last couple of years. It was a little chaotic as it always is with such a large number of kids involved but super fun as always and we can't wait to do it again next year! 

The whole trick-or-treating gang

Our little superhero family :)

He absolutely loved being Green Lantern! His costume lit up and was completed with a light up sword and lantern bucket!